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Using Layers : Bigener tutorial

What is layers?

Layers are a transparent sheets placed over each other. Separated from the existing object. At the same time make orderly object over each other.

Layers also help you to work different animations in each layer. Each animation is not related to the other.

Where is the layers?

At the first when you create new document in flash there will be one layer named layer 1 in almost the upper left hand on the flash screen. layers

How you can add a new layer?

One click on the insert layer button. Insert Layer

How you can rename the layer?

Double-click on the layer name, rename it.

rename the layer

How you can delete the layer?

Select the layer you want to delete "one click on it", click on Delete Layer button. Delete Layer

Notes: if you have only one layer you can delete it.


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thanks for nice tutorial