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Glow text animation

To create the text animation:

  • start flash program.
  • choose file-->new and click ok.
  • choose modify-->document or press"Ctrl+j".Change the size to 400 * 200.
  • chose Text Tool or press "t".
  • click on the stage and start typing for example "flash text animation".
  • change the font, size, color of the text if necessary.
  • select the text and press "F8" to convert it to simpol, name it text_mc, chose movie clip and click ok.
  • right click on frame 40 and chose insert keyframe.
  • right click on any frame between frame 1 and frame 40 and chose create motion tween.
  • select frame 40 then select the text.
  • chose filter tab, click on the plus button to add a filter, chose glow, mack blur x and y option about 19.
  • right click on frame 1, chose copy frame.
  • right click on frame 80, chose paste frame.
  • right click on any frame between 40 and 80, chose create motion tween.
  • make the frame rate from propriety panel 40.


you can chose any other filter instead of glow"tray it"

have fun.



Anonymous said...


This is not really a good tutorial for flash its quite a bad example. Most of your spelling is incorrect like a five year old's and there are no images to help people out with what they are suppose to be seeing. I don't even see what this tutorial is supposed to be pointed at i mean what application? Flash 8, Fireworks which application is it for.. Sorry but this has to be said please take your time writing tutorials because it looks like its just been rushed.

Yamen Shahin "web designer" said...

thanks for your comment.
what application?
Read the beginning of the tutorial"start flash program".
I think that this lesson does not need to iamges.

Joakim said...

I think it was ok

Anonymous said...

i think the tutorial is ok. this lesson doesn't need images. but lot of spelling mistakes are there.

Yamen Shahin "web designer" said...

thanks : I try to do my best, but english is not my frist language

Aravind said...

hey man,

this tut is not that bad,you kno! to hell with spelling! in the web u type 2 make things easier & faster! and abt ur tut....its not tht great but i think its a really small and simple one! but it wrked 4 me!


Yamen Shahin "web designer" said...

Hi Aravind
Thanks for your comment!!

Anonymous said...

Filter Tab ? What Version of Flash are you using, that might help out

Yamen Shahin "web designer" said...

you can use flash 8 or CS3

nihal ahmed said...

Yamen Shahin you did a great job to hell with that english part i liked it much

Todd said...


You should not assume everyone reading your tut is an advanced flash developer or has any flash experience at all for that matter. Screen shots and/or video is the standard when it comes to developing tuts. If that weren't the case, why would 90%+ tuts have them? It comes off as being a lazy attempt at a tut to get your name out there.

Anonymous said...

Just as many of you are continually griping about his spelling and use of the English language, you should perhaps consider that 75% of the world can speak more languages fluently than most Americans can speak their own, much less type them. As far as the poster who said that video and images are the standard, I am glad you consider yourself the standard as well as the authority on the level of flash required to use this tutorial.

As for the tutorial itself it was excellent, easy to follow, easy to understand and I didn't have to sit through 15 mins of mindless crap that I already know how to do, just to get to the meat of it like I would have in a video. Unfortunately as the iGeneration begins to explore more territory if they find a tutorial that does not hand feed them everything they want, they are incapable of using some imagination to create it themselves.

Anonymous said...

Even if you feel like the tutorial doesn't need any images, one image showing the end result would be beneficial. So people know what exactly what the end result should be.

Yamen Shahin "web designer" said...

"Even if you feel like the tutorial doesn't need any images, one image showing the end result would be beneficial. So people know what exactly what the end result should be."
I totally agree with you, I would put the image at the end of the lesson explain its purpose.

Jonas said...

Man, u guys really r a bunch of ungreatful whiners. =) The example works & it's completely free of charge. What more can u ask?

Anonymous said...

I thought this was a good tutorial,thank-you.
If you just follow the steps and just learn on your own at the same time, it shouldn't be a problem without images for this particular tutorial. There are many other tutorials on the net for those who require imagery to learn properly.

hashintosh said...

I'm sorry to tell you that one thing that is really missing in this tutorial is the final effect you reach.
I'm looking for a goot text effect for a website I'm making, but I won't waste maybe a lot of time to try something that I have no idea which visual effect it has...
I don't know if images or something else is needed in your tutorial, but for sure you should at least put the final effect of your algorithm.

Yamen Shahin "web designer" said...

hashintosh, You are absolutely right.
I will put the final result soon!

hashintosh said...

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

not bad tutorial..but i guess you still need to elaborate what animation you really are said "Glow text animation" but it doesn't glow. it just a blurring effect if you would ask me.
but anyway, thanks for the time sharing this.

Anonymous said...

It is good but waste I used it lot of times. I applied to my body also i am glowing now like text in this great

Sanjay said...

I have done so much research in books and on the web trying to find out how to add a llink to a web banner. You would think its a big secret or something as difficult it is to find out how to do it. This is the first turtorial that actually explains the process and the code works! Thank you so much.
Nice Tutorial